Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Attaining Kala Residency was a dream fulfilled. I met international contemporary artist and got an opportunity to enhance and share knowledge
After reaching Kala Art,Berkeley. I got that what I dreamt of, the working atmosphere was extremely friendly with all the possibilities of equipment and facilities.
The best part was twenty four hours studio access. I chose to do lithography in Kala. I am fascinated about lithography and its technique as the results are unique.
Kala often had some exciting programs in the evening, so I could meet art educators, artists from different countries who visited there.
At the end of my Kala AIR residency Kala community decided to keep my talk about the work which I did during my residency, that was very exciting thing for me as I could discuss about my work with the artist community. After my talk an art lover bought one of my Litho work for her collection.
Experiencing artistic life globally was like a lifetime experience.

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